Multi Feeder Bait Station + Rabbit Bait Special

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2 x Multi Feeder Bait Stations + 10kg Pindone Rabbit Bait.

The Multi Feeder Bait Station is very safe, efficient and effective bait station that holds 2kgs of Pindone Rabbit Bait.

Pindone Rabbit Bait is a tried and trusted highly effective anticoagulant cereal pellet bait. Pindone for Rabbits are the effective, first-generation pellets that have been used very successfully to control rabbits in New Zealand.

  • A safer, more humane option that is less hazardous to non-target species, Pindone is the only rabbit bait deemed safe enough to be available to the general public.
  • Pindone’s real advantage is that it is slow acting and needs to be consumed over several days to be effective. In other words, it takes multiple feeds to kill a rabbit, yet if a pet, child, native bird or animal accidentally ingests it, they are less like to be harmed.
  • Pindone helps stop rabbits breeding like. Rabbits are New Zealand’s second biggest vertebrate pest problem, after possums. A rabbit’s sexual maturity is reach at around three or four months of age and under ideal conditions, rabbits are capable of breeding all year round, although the main breeding season is from spring to early summer. So, a very small rabbit problem can soon become a very big rabbit problem. There’s a reason for the saying ‘breed like rabbits’!
  • Suitable in any environment, in any season. Pindone can be used on pastoral land, providing stock are removed and kept off for a minimum of one month. It is also suitable for use around urban and semi urban areas, in market gardens, horticulture blocks, lifestyle blocks, plant nurseries, golf courses, parks, beach areas and riverbanks.
  • Pindone can be used at any time of year, although don’t lay bait if heavy rain is expected within a day.