Other Pests

Ferrets, Stoats and Weasels are three species from the mustelid family that were introduced to New Zealand from Europe in the 1880's to control rabbits and hares that were breeding out of control. By 1900, the populations of these superb hunters were well established across rural and remote New Zealand. Their impact on our native wildlife has been devastating.

Insect and other invertebrate pest species as well as introduced birds are becoming more numerous and widespread throughout the country.

Pest invertebrates cost the agricultural, horticultural and forestry industries millions every year in control and lost revenue. These species range from slugs and snails to aphids, beetles and crickets.

Pest bird species consume seeds, cereal crops and pasture as well as beneficial invertebrate species and can also be a significant threat around airports. They include sparrows, introduced pigeons, blackbirds, mynas, magpies, Canada geese and the native but not protected southern black-backed gull.

Both pest invertebrate and bird species are continuing to spread and become more of a threat as the climate becomes warmer and more suitable for their existence.

Pest Go have numerous products that can help you with the eradication or control of Other Pests, such as Ferrets, Stoats, Weasels, Birds, or Insects (e.g. Crickets) on your property.