Pindone Possum / Rat Bait

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Pindone Possum Bait is a tried and trusted highly effective anticoagulant cereal pellet bait.

This is available in 2kg or 10kg pails, or 25kg bags.

This bait is perfect for use in either 'Kilmore feeder, 'Sentry Feeder' or 'Pied Piper bait station'.

A Controlled Substance Licence is not required to use Pindone rabbit pellets within a bait station.

Place bait stations between 50 and 100 metre apart in areas where possum "sign" has been discovered. Ensure bait stations are placed in out of the reach of any stock.

Rats and Mice: We strongly recommend the use of this product in the Pied piper bait station as the baits when used are fully enclosed within this excellent tamper proof bait station.

Place between 1-2 kgs into each bait station and check daily for between 10-15 days or until signs of rodent activity have ceased. Please note that when using Pindone bait in a public area or an area that the public have access to safety signs must be displayed.