Pied Piper Bait Station

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The Pied Piper bait feeding system is a New Zealand designed and manufactured product to feed poisoned cereal pellets, the cheapest form of rat and mouse control baits, to rat and mouse populations.

The system was designed to offer rodent population's baits that are eaten in situ and cannot be taken away and stored by them. The plastic is designed to be resistant to gnawing by rats and is simple to use.

For better mouse control put flat stones or other material so they can better reach the poison. In agricultural situations we recommend the use of Pindone Possum and Rat baits.

In all other situations we suggest the use of either Pindone or Pestoff (brodifacoum) rat and possum baits.

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The benefits of this locally made product are:

  1. Designed for the cheaper pellet type baits, significantly reducing the cost over the use of tradition type baits.
  2. Less waste as the pellets are protected from the elements and importantly cannot be removed, taken away and stored by rodent populations. Lower environmental impact that stored baits often cause.
  3. Bait stations are simple to fill (each holds approximately 700 grams of pellets) and made tough to last. Each station is made of especially hard plastic that is resistant to gnawing by rats.
  4. Easily monitored as they can be fitted with tracking cards or if baits are not eaten in one location simple to move to where rodent pressure is greatest.
  5. Can be simply secured on the ground, in trees etc by many different ways using the design features of the bait station.