Ditrac SuperSized Rodent Blocks

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Supersized (454 grams x's 2 or 4) highly palatable long-life rodent bait containing the anticoagulant diphacinone.

Available in packs of 2 and 4 packs.

Like most anticoagulant poisons Ditrac has the advantage that one of its first effects is dehydration, forcing the animal to move away from human habitation in search of water. The dehydrated bodies also dry out more readily, possibly leaving an odorless, mummified carcass.

All weather, mould and moisture resistance that retains its attractiveness long-term. For use either in or out of a Sentry bait station, Rodent Tunnel, Rat or Mouse Baiter bait stations (see below) depending on situation. AgriQuality approved for use in all food/beverage/factory processing plants